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This allows you to create shortened, trackable links, that when clicked, distribute traffic evenly to any number of destination URLs. Get started, and create your first short link with our link generator

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Default URL

Send the visitor to this URL if from an unspecified country and device. If you don't set destinations, you can get powerful shortened url.

Country Destinations

Override the Default URL and redirect the visitor to a country-specific destination.

Device Destinations

Override the Default URL and redirect the visitor to a device-specific destination.

Editable Destinations

You can add, remove or edit the underlying link destinations at any time. For instance, if you find one variation is performing poorly, you can remove it from your link without having to create and share a new link.

Define custom percentage weights to each link destination. For example, if a destination is performing poorly you can reduce the percentage of traffic that is directed to that destination.

Customize your URLs

Keeping your branding consistent across all of your channels is crucial in ensuring your traffic remains focused and driven to a conversion.

Customized links increase conversions by over 35%.

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